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How to Conduct a Swift Reviews Audit

You’ve audited your listings and made sure your local SEO is on point. Customers are finding and (hopefully) enjoying your business. But to increase your bottom line and convert more consumers, you need to implement a great reviews strategy.  Your online presence - including reviews - is often a customer’s ...
Synup's new profile analytics dashboard
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Introducing The New Profile Analytics in Synup

Digital profiles like Google and Facebook are now increasingly attracting 5x as much traffic as brand websites. However, with your profiles - and subsequently your visitors - split across multiple websites, it can be difficult to judge how many visitors actually convert, and impact your business.  At Synup, we focus ...
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What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis refers to the application of contextual text analysis to is a term used to describe a marketing technique that benefits business owners in a major way. Also known as opinion mining, sentiment analysis takes the public opinion via reviews of an event, service, or product and analyses the ...
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Best Practices When Responding Back to Positive Reviews

Customer reviews are critical to your business. At a time when 93% of consumers base their purchase decision on reviews, actively managing and responding to reviews is no longer optional.  In this article, we’ll focus on how you can respond to positive reviews for your business to build an engaged ...
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The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Profile Management

Digital profile management is no longer optional for businesses looking to drive growth in 2021. Digital presence is an essential pillar of a business’ inbound marketing and consumer acquisition strategy.  Consumers are no longer following a linear purchase journey, which means, brands must strive to provide a seamless offline and ...