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6 Ways to Establish Brand Trust with Influencer Collaborations

Influencer collaborations haven’t been around for a long time (at least not in their current form), yet the buzzword seems to be the hottest trend in marketing right now. Take a closer look and you’ll understand why—it’s because influencers offer brands a wholly unique way to connect with audiences. They ...
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A Digital Marketing Agency’s Guide to User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the new frontier of digital marketing. Why? Because consumers trust peers more than they do brands and even influencers. In fact, visitors to a site are 3.8% more likely to convert once they’ve interacted with UGC.  User-generated content can be thought of as the modern-day version of ...
digital marketing update: chatgpt launches mobile app
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Industry Update: What’s New in Local and Digital Marketing

Google locks down on fake reviews and spam Whether or not you’re guilty of purchasing fake reviews for your local business, we’re sure you’ve had problems with your reviews being removed or flagged. With all of Google’s recent review trouble, they finally revealed more about their review process for customer ...
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Local SEO Builds Loyal Customers

There are plenty of ways to build loyal customers. From mastering customer communication and customer service to offering loyalty programs or rewards, nurturing good relationships can take on many forms. But what if we told you that your best customers haven’t been to your business? That’s right: they haven’t found ...
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Get Your Social Media Posts Indexed by Google

If you’re in charge of your brand’s SEO or social media, we hope you’re paying attention to Google’s post indexing. From Twitter and Facebook to TikTok and Instagram (soon), Google keeps tabs on the major social media platforms. Google indexes social media posts to keep people on their platform and ...