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The Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2023

Social media is an ever-evolving beast. From fast-moving trends to new platforms and forms of content, it can be hard to pinpoint what to focus on to ensure your brand’s success. After all, with such a saturated market, you need to consistently produce great content that stands out to keep ...
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Celebrate Month-Long Observances to Engage Your Audience

It’s crucial to acknowledge important holidays, local events, and month-long observances on your brand’s social media account. This helps you connect with customers and show them that you care. Especially when it comes to key events like Pride Month or Women’s History Month, show your support and devotion with a ...
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Synup Social Powers Social Media with AI

Social media management is time-consuming. From researching trends to writing and scheduling posts, keeping up with social media is a full-time job. And for multi-location brands, managing social media is as cumbersome as listings management.  But like it or not, social media is the best way to interact with your ...
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How AI is Changing Social Media Marketing

Even if you’re keeping track of developments in the tech industry, it’s hard to grasp exactly where our technology is going. Since the pandemic, the speed of innovation and change has multiplied as the digital revolution solidified its footing. Now, more people than ever are utilizing new technologies to aid ...
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What TikTok Teaches Us About Social Media

TikTok is the next big thing for social media. Having revolutionized the space with its spot-on algorithm and easily-consumable (and widely copied) short-form content structure, TikTok is at the forefront of social media’s evolution. Whereas Facebook and Instagram had their time in the spotlight in the early- and mid-2010s, TikTok ...