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How AI is Changing Social Media Marketing

Even if you’re keeping track of developments in the tech industry, it’s hard to grasp exactly where our technology is going. Since the pandemic, the speed of innovation and change has multiplied as the digital revolution solidified its footing. Now, more people than ever are utilizing new technologies to aid ...
TikTok social media app
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What TikTok Teaches Us About Social Media

TikTok is the next big thing for social media. Having revolutionized the space with its spot-on algorithm and easily-consumable (and widely copied) short-form content structure, TikTok is at the forefront of social media’s evolution. Whereas Facebook and Instagram had their time in the spotlight in the early- and mid-2010s, TikTok ...
importance of reviews
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Why Reviews REALLY Matter

Consumers have hundreds (or thousands) of options when they go to buy something, so social proof is king! But beyond social proof, there’s another reason why reviews are so important. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to the real importance of reviews. Reviews are a direct line ...
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Two Factors That DON’T Affect Your Google Ranking

There are a lot of Google ranking factors out there. But the intricacies of Google’s algorithm tends to confuse brands on where they should actually be focusing their resources. There are plenty of articles that tell you where to focus your time and energy to rank higher, but we’re sure ...
disappearing reviews
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Why do Reviews Disappear from Google Business Profile Listings?

Halloween may be over, but there’s still something spooky going on: disappearing reviews. If your business is listed on Google, chances are you’ve had some of your reviews vanish. There are a few reasons why reviews might get deleted by Google; some accidental, and some intentional. Read on to learn ...