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Synup gets a new look – with new capabilities

Things look a little different around here! Introducing Synup Home: the new landing page for the Synup platform.

Synup Home gives users a comprehensive view of their business’ performance. With Synup Home, users can track and analyze KPIs like:

  • ROI from profile views
  • Post performance
  • Average review rating
  • Review responses

Home also provides users with a custom view of their critical and pending tasks like updating profiles, filling in missing information, responding to reviews, and more.

What is Synup Home?

Synup Home has three sections:

    1. Analytics: Users get a performance snapshot of four key metrics: average review rating, post performance, ROI from profile views, and review responses.
    2. Critical Tasks: Users see a smart list of critical tasks like: account connectivity issues, location discrepancies, responding to negative reviews, and pending onboarding tasks. Changes are reflected in real-time across task lists.
    3. Important Tasks: Users get a smart list of other tasks like: setting up auto-responders, responding to positive reviews, pending questions, creating posts, and getting more reviews.
Synup Home shows users key metrics and pending tasks
A view of Synup Home

As seen above, Synup Home shows users when their profiles have connectivity issues. Clicking on Connect takes users to the associated account page to reconnect their account. 

Similarly, Synup Home shows users pending negative reviews (1-3 stars). When users click on the Respond button, they can easily see new negative reviews and respond to them individually.

What’s great about Synup Home? 

Synup Home aggregates data so you can see business KPIs at a glance. Plus, you can get the most out of your Synup account with smart task lists. Increased visibility of tasks and KPIs creates confident users and better businesses. Log in to see what’s new today!

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