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What TikTok Teaches Us About Social Media

TikTok is the next big thing for social media. Having revolutionized the space with its spot-on algorithm and easily-consumable (and widely copied) short-form content structure, TikTok is at the forefront of social media’s evolution. Whereas Facebook and Instagram had their ...
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What’s New in Local-Digital Marketing

Google’s new review guidelines prohibit negative review removal Here's some pertinent local marketing news: Google is changing its policy. Google has long crusaded against fake reviews - but they recently added new measures about negative reviews. Businesses will no longer ...
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What is Social Media’s Impact on Local SEO?

Social media. Every brand needs it - whether you’re a mom and pop restaurant or a multinational retailer. That much should be obvious! But did you know about social media's impact on local SEO and digital marketing? Here’s why: your local ...
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View KPIs and Pending Tasks with Synup Home

Synup gets a new look - with new capabilities Things look a little different around here! Introducing Synup Home: the new landing page for the Synup platform. Synup Home gives users a comprehensive view of their business’ performance. With Synup ...
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Building Trust with Customer Communication

Keeping an open dialogue with your customers is essential to forming loyal, long-lasting relationships. But 81% of consumers say it’s difficult to communicate with a business. From being friendly in-store to providing help online or over the phone, every touch ...