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What’s New in Local-Digital Marketing

Google’s new review guidelines prohibit negative review removal Here's some pertinent local marketing news: Google is changing its policy. Google has long crusaded against fake reviews - but they recently added new measures about negative reviews. Businesses will no longer ...
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Get Your Social Media Posts Indexed by Google

If you’re in charge of your brand’s SEO or social media, we hope you’re paying attention to Google’s post indexing. From Twitter and Facebook to TikTok and Instagram (soon), Google keeps tabs on the major social media platforms. Google indexes ...
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TikTok is Making an Impact on Local Search

TikTok’s impact on local search and local SEO is hard to quantify. But based on the hundreds and thousands of businesses that can thank TikTok for their online and in-store traffic, TikTok is certainly an emerging marketplace for businesses to connect ...
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What is Social Media’s Impact on Local SEO?

Social media. Every brand needs it - whether you’re a mom and pop restaurant or a multinational retailer. That much should be obvious! But did you know about social media's impact on local SEO and digital marketing? Here’s why: your local ...
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How to Optimize Your CX with Local SEO

An overwhelming number of customers begin their purchase journey online today. Studies estimate that nearly 70% of U.S. customers begin their journeys by using a search engine. From shopping online to finding local services and businesses, most journeys begin with ...