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If you’ve been experiencing a dip in Google Business Profile views, you’re not alone. Luckily, there’s no cause for concern. Google recently updated the way they calculate performance metrics, making it appear as if profile views dropped overnight for many businesses. While some businesses were quick to blame Google’s algorithm for the change in views, Google is simply changing the way they calculate profile views. Here’s the scoop – and why there’s nothing to worry about.

Google changed the way they measure views

Since November 2022, Google now counts unique views within a 24-hour period. Plus, views on Google Maps will only count when a user views a business’ profile (not just the business’ location). With such a drastic change in the way Google calculates views, it’s no surprise that your metrics plummeted this year.

To summarize: 

Google used to calculate views based on every time your business showed up in search results

Let’s say it’s September 2022, and I’m trying to find a restaurant near me. I go to Google Maps and try a few different searches: “restaurant”, “pizza”, “Italian food”. A local Italian restaurant will show up in all three searches – and Google counts each individual search towards the restaurant’s profile views.

google business profile views won't count on google maps

Under the previous system, each restaurant shown in the above screenshot would get one view from me searching “pizza”.

Now, Google counts unique views in a 24-hour period and only counts views on Google Maps if a user clicks to your Google Business Profile

google business profile views only count when you click on the profile

Now, my search for “pizza” will only count as a view if I click on the business’ profile. One view for BK Pizza! 

In the new paradigm, it’s easier for businesses to tell how many customers will actually do business with them

Let’s go back to my Italian restaurant example. The Italian restaurant might be excited to get so many views on their Google Business Profile, but wonder why their click-through-rates are so low. The previous method of calculating profile views artificially inflated the number of profile views. With Google’s new performance metric calculations, businesses should have a better understanding of how many views are actually converting.

The total number of views is the number of people who viewed your profile that day

With all of these revisions, you can be sure that the number of views you’re seeing for your business is the number of people who actually viewed your Business Profile that day. The new update revised the way Google counts clicks on driving directions, too. This minimizes the impact of multi-tapping, cancellations, and spam.

While a hit to your numbers never feels good, the update will give you more accurate and helpful insights into customers’ interactions with your business!


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