google business profile views only count when you click on the profile
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Why Your Google Business Profile Views are Decreasing

If you’ve been experiencing a dip in Google Business Profile views, you’re not alone. Luckily, there’s no cause for concern. Google recently updated the way they calculate performance metrics, making it appear as if profile views dropped overnight for many ...
local listings for small business
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Why small businesses should invest in local listings

Photo by Anh Tran on Unsplash If you’re wondering why local listings should be a key part of a small business's marketing plan, we’ve got a few pointers for you: Local listings provide greater visibility: Local listings make small companies ...
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Why Does Google’s Algorithm Change Every Year?

Google’s algorithm changes a bit every year. While it’s usually a few weeks of disruption, this year brought a lot of additional change: updated spam filters, a new Google Business Profile dashboard, problems with disappearing reviews, and more. With all ...
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5 Unique Campaign Ideas for This Holiday Season

The sky is getting darker, the temperatures are dropping, and everyone is drinking peppermint mochas. You know what that means: the winter holidays are just around the corner. Businesses spend months planning special events, sales, and new product launches for ...
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Google Business Profile is Rejecting Posts [video]

[embed][/embed] Video content: Hi, I’m Madeleine Johnson, the content & community manager for Synup. Welcome to our Syncast video series. If you clicked on this video, you’re probably wondering why Google Business Profile is suspending accounts and rejecting so many ...