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Any savvy marketer has a persona or two up their sleeve. But besides targeted paid ads, how can you leverage consumer demographics for your business? By creating a knowledge base of local demographics for your store’s locations, you can easily launch campaigns across digital profiles based on who will be searching “near me”

A new take on the early bird special

If your business has products geared towards an older (or younger) crowd, make sure you  spotlight these products in areas that meet your target age demographic. 

For example, a large grocery chain might want to highlight their accessibility or spotlight their early hours in areas where over 30% of the population is 65+ years old. 

Whereas, a national mattress store would see more traction in locations with recent graduates and young families who are moving into first time apartments and homes! So, they might implement a Campaign targeting first-time home owners, showing images featuring young couples moving into their new homes. The same could be done for student-targeted promotions – the mattress store would just have to set their Campaign to show in zip codes where at least 25% of the population is 21-35 during peak moving season (usually May/June or August/September).

Cultural holidays

Does your store cater to different cultural holidays and events? Or, do you have content featuring certain ethnic groups? If so, consider basing your campaigns off of ethnicity data. After all, 62% of consumers say they are more likely to make a purchase when they identify with the people featured in branded content. 

Here’s an example: If you are a famous eyewear brand running a Campaign targeting Latino families, you can set your Campaign to show in locations whose demographics are at least 30% people aged 18 to 44, with household income over $60K, and identify as Latino. Campaigns will filter and display locations that match the criteria, making it easy for the brand users to create a personalized Campaign that is targeted to desired demographics. 

Or, if your business has special products for Lunar New Year, you can set your Campaign to show in locations whose demographics are at least 15% people with Asian heritage, with household income over $60K. Campaigns will filter and display locations that match the criteria, making it easy for the brand users to create a personalized Campaign that is targeted to desired demographics. You can schedule the Campaign to run in advance during Lunar New Year, or whichever event you’re running promotions around.

Targeting personas

If your business already has target personas, we’re sure you have plenty of content that already caters to them. This is perfect for personalizing your digital profiles – especially when you have multiple locations.

Let’s say two of your key personas are: 1) Cleancut Curtis, male, age 35-55, household income $50k+, and 2) Businesswoman Barb, female, age 25-45, household income $80k+. 

Businesswoman Barb is a busy, corporate type who typically buys wine, frozen/convenience food, and cosmetics; she prefers to shop late at night or on weekends. Cleancut Curtis usually purchases health food items, home improvement items, and looks for deals. 

For example, you could create a Campaign that targets locations with 10% or more demographics that match Businesswoman Barb. The Barb Campaign would spotlight wine deals, highlight late hours, and emphasize your store’s speed and efficiency. You could further customize the Campaign to populate after 5pm and on weekends. 

A Campaign targeting Cleancut Curtis would focus on his desired items – like spotlighting deals on fruits and vegetables. You could create a Campaign that populates in locations where 7% or more of the population meets Curtis’ demographic.

Bougie or budget

Most businesses have customers who shell out for luxury, convenience, and quality – as well as those who prefer to shop for deals and bide their time for big purchases. 

Using median household income data, you can craft Campaigns based on highlighting special luxury items or special discount goods.

For example, you can create weekly Campaign for locations in zipcodes with median household income <$60k that highlight specials on different days of the week. 

Or, you can create Campaigns that occur every weekend for store locations where the median household income is >$90k, highlighting luxury products like champagne, expensive cuts of meat, or top-shelf bottles of liquor.


If your business has special deals or offers for veterans, consider creating Campaigns targeting them.

For example, create a Campaign highlighting special weekend deals for veterans for locations with veterans above a 3% threshold. You can set the Campaign to run every weekend, so veterans searching for deals or items “near them” will know your business is the one to visit.

Zip codes with higher concentrations of veterans are also likely more patriotic – so even non-veterans will appreciate your business highlighting its special deals for veterans. 

Implementing demographics data

By creating campaigns that target certain demographics, you can easily target key personas across locations – without having to browse each location individually. Synup makes it easy to launch campaigns based on demographics, so your content gets seen by the right people.

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