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When it comes to managing business listings (Step by step guide to update your online business listings) , it shouldn’t be difficult, but everyone seems to want wants to make it difficult. Whether you’re an agency (Learn how to write high-converting emails to agencies today) looking for a solution or an individual signing up your business yourself, it usually comes down to the price tag. As an agency, you’re always looking for the best possible deal that saves you money in bulk that you can pass along to your clients.

There’s a lot of business listings management companies out there. Moz Local, Hibu, Whitespark… the list goes on. Yext has emerged as one of the leaders in this space thanks to brilliant marketing and good word of mouth reputation. Synup is another company that operates in the same space. We heard about Synup from another agency we had partnered with.

Once we started playing around with their dashboard and seeing how easy it was to use, jumping ship from Yext was looking better and better. Here’s why we left Yext for Synup and why you need to take your business listings management more seriously.

How We Use Synup at Altitude Agency

Altitude Agency started as an SEO company – Altitude SEO. With local SEO and owning Google’s local map pack more critical than ever for businesses, we wanted a robust solution to help manage local citations.

We had been with Yext since the start of our company in 2015, but as we added more clients and stayed loyal to Yext, it seemed we were small beans to them compared to much larger SEO companies and digital marketing companies.

Local citations are still paramount to local SEO success; we had to find a solution that was not only cheaper but treated our agency will respect despite the size. That’s why we decided to give Synup a chance.

Advantages Synup Has Over Yext

Flat Out Cheaper for Agencies

Since day one, Synup wanted to work with us, not us be forced to work with them. They negotiated a fair deal for our clients regardless of how many clients we currently have at a given time. This not only helps us keep our overhead lower but also lower for our clients.

Much Cleaner UI, Easier to Use

Yext’s UI has always been dated, clunky, and hard to navigate, especially for clients who want to manage listings once we set them up. Synup’s UI looks modern and clean. It’s easy to navigate and quick to find what you need to update. Synup feels like the modern-day web and what digital marketing could be; Yext feels like it’s still stuck in the past.

Doesn’t Abandon You If You Part Ways

One of the biggest downfalls of Yext and many business listings management companies is that when you stop paying them – they push out an update that reverts all your listings to what they were before they started controlling them. Most folks who sign up for Yext and other companies don’t realize this, and it has an extremely detrimental effect on your local presence when it happens.

Synup doesn’t do that.

To us, that shows the respect Synup has for businesses big or small. There are many businesses out there that must spend marketing dollars elsewhere at some point or must put food on the table. Businesses shouldn’t be punished for doing the right thing to stay alive, especially after shelling out what some of these companies charge yearly in fees for an automated service.

Why Does Altitude Agency Care About Business Listings?

As a growing business ourselves, we understand how important it is to have our brand out there and in front of as many eyes as possible. By managing business listings for our clients, we not only help with their local SEO and presence, but we also ensure they’re on directories that matter to consumers. This helps build the authority for their brand and website.

We’re happy we made the switch from Yext to Synup, and our clients are happy with it, too.

We encourage all businesses, brands, and agencies to determine the ROI of their current business listings management company to find the right solution to help their clients succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

About Altitude Agency

Altitude Agency is a Colorado-owned digital marketing powerhouse with a creative firebrand – our team is composed of some of the industry’s most innovative SEO problem solvers with proven expertise in the fields of search engine optimization, social media marketing, web design, and content development.

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