Here at Synup, we always have exciting new updates in the works. Whether it’s a small, essential adjustment or a new product launch, we do everything with our customers and partners in mind. At the end of the day, we want to bring value to your business.

This month, we welcome several essential capabilities to the platform! From new Facebook features and live listings reports to social links on your Google Business Profile, you’ll love everything new this month. Let’s dive in and take a look at what’s new at Synup!

Mark Businesses as Temporarily Closed on Facebook

If you’re going through a renovation, a reorganization, or a family emergency, changing your business hours on Facebook is probably the last thing on your mind. Now, whatever the reason for your hiatus, you’ll be OOO with the peace of mind that angry customers won’t be showing up at your door, only to be met with the “Closed” sign.

Now, you can set up your hours to communicate a temporary closure through automations. While we’ve empowered you to mark your business as temporarily closed through Google for a while now, we’re extending the capability to Facebook, too!

Mark businesses as temporarily closed on the Synup platform

Doing it is easy: just head over to the Automations tab, then configure your hours change to mark your business as temporarily closed for a set period.

Whew, that’s one thing off your to-do list!

Live Listings Reports

Nothing makes you feel productive while showing off to your team and boss quite like putting together a fresh report. Whether you love ‘em or can’t stand ‘em, reports are a necessary part of your month, quarter, and year. That’s why we’re introducing live links for listing reports. Here’s how it works…

Download live listings reports from Synup

Now, you can conveniently download a report for all your listings from the listings rollup page (the #all view on your Synup dashboard). Reporting, sorted!

We’re no strangers to how crucial social media is for interfacing with your customers. These days, a follow on Instagram can even be better than getting someone’s email address on your nurture cadence! With this in mind, we’re helping your customers follow you in droves with easy access to your socials.

Add social links to GBP with Synup

Now, we’ll automatically populate your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook links on your Google Business Profiles when you add them to your location’s info page. You can add links to your Youtube and Instagram, too, but you’ll need to add it as a custom attribute. Say hello to more followers!

Grandfathered Plans for Existing Customers

Did you hear? We launched new plans! AKA, we built a new Classic plan so you can keep your pricing (or upgrade with a similar pricing structure) without having to talk to a sales rep. To get new features, you can seamlessly upgrade to the Standard or Premium plan, too.

Do Even More With Your CRM Integration

If you haven’t heard, we’ve been toiling away on advanced CRM integrations, so you can request reviews from your customers directly from the Synup platform. We integrate with over 100 CRMs, and we’re constantly making improvements to the software, so you get the best experience.

New CRM sync from Synup

This month, we’re introducing advanced location and contact mapping and an auto-send option for customer surveys. This means that any campaign you create will go off without a hitch! The field mapping lets you be more specific (and accurate) when sending out review requests – so you don’t miss a single customer. The auto-send option lets you automatically request feedback from any new customer that gets added to your CRM. 5 stars, here you come!

Synup’s New Product Updates are Just the Beginning

As always, Team Synup is proud to bring you the handy features you need to succeed! From clever integrations to customized reporting, we always have your back when it comes to saving time, enhancing your productivity, and generally making your life easier.

We have tons of exciting updates and new features on the docket this year, and we’re grateful to go into 2024 with a lot of momentum and motivation!

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