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Hi, I’m Madeleine Johnson, the content & community manager for Synup. Welcome to our Syncast video series.


Let’s talk about Google’s newest updates – and what they mean for business.


Google is going into the metaverse with their new updates. And everyone should take note.


Tech companies start trends. And these trends have a trickle-down effect. 


Think about it. From email to social media to Apple Pay, many key aspects of business management began with tech innovations. As consumers get used to different standards, like short-form content or 2-day shipping, other businesses are forced to follow suit, always chasing consumer preference.


 Paying attention to trends and key updates helps you stay ahead of the curve. Now let’s take a look at the newest updates:


Google is giving users an aerial view of major landmarks

  1. Nothing screams “VR” quite like virtual sightseeing! Google is providing aerial views of different landmarks around the world. Features like this – where customers can see famous landmarks, museums, or natural wonders – became very popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. And now, Google is jumping on the trend. Users can experience the wonders of hundreds of different landmarks, a clear step in the VR/metaverse direction.
  2. Enhanced live view on your phone. This is perhaps the most immersive experience: users can navigate while looking through the viewfinder on their phones AND use Live View to search for things in their line of sight
  3. Users can do neighborhood “vibe checks”Now, users can see the best parts of a neighborhood before they go. From local gems and hot-spots to tourist attractions and historic landmarks, Google gives users a highlight reel. Between this new feature and Google’s street view, users can confirm which neighborhoods warrant exploration – and which they’ll save for another time.
  4. Discovering restaurant specialties, so users get the full scoop on what makes a place unique before they visit
  5. Immersive views inside buildings, so users can explore restaurants and stores before they go

With these new updates, it’s clear that Google is gearing up for the future of augmented and virtual reality. We’re eager to see how mixed reality impacts businesses – and shoppers – in the near future. 


More next time on the Syncast video series! We’ll see you next time!


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