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Hi, I’m Madeleine Johnson, the content & community manager for Synup. Welcome to the Syncast video series.

Today, we’ll be looking at trailblazers in augmented reality shopping.

What is augmented reality shopping?

With augmented reality, consumers can catch pokemon, experiment with new hair colors, or explore a new neighborhood, all with the help of their phone’s viewfinder. 

Despite the name, augmented reality shopping doesn’t belong in a tech-savvy future. It’s here right now. Consumers are already getting used to the comfort, accessibility, and ease of these new innovations. 

Let’s get into the innovators.

1 . Adidas offers a virtual try-on

In 2019, Adidas launched a virtual try-on capability for its iOS app. Customers can see if Stan Smiths are really the perfect everyday shoe – without even going to the store!

2. Rugs . com uses augmented reality to let customers test furniture

Rugs .com uses a “see this in my room” feature. With more people opting to order furniture online, seeing it in their space with their phone’s viewfinder is essential to securing a sale. Returns suck – and there’s nothing worse than returning a bulky couch, rug, or table.

3. Even Walmart is delving into augmented reality shopping

Walmart acquired a virtual fitting room – so customers can try on and share looks.

4. Sephora offers augmented reality makeovers

Sephora has a virtual makeover app, and it isn’t a far cry from the filters on Snapchat, Instagram, or TikTok. The only difference is that it’s completely customizable! It’s a great resource for consumers to try out makeup trends and even color match products

5. Warby Parker has offered augmented reality shopping experiences since 2019

Warby Parker has offered virtual try-ons since 2019. After years of offering free at-home try-ons, expanding to augmented reality was the logical next step – so customers can shop for glasses online without the guesswork!

Augmented reality makes online shopping more convenient than ever

For customers who prefer in-person shopping experiences, augmented reality offers the best of both worlds.

We’re excited to see how companies continue to innovate in the augmented reality shopping space!

We’ll see you next time on Syncast: video.

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