Recent Stats that Restaurant Owners Should Know: 

Here is some food for thought, Restaurant deliveries have gone up 285% since the COVID-19 outbreak according to Google. That is a dramatic increase, especially for independently operated businesses. 

However, even though there is a soaring spike which may seem like the silver lining for restaurants, there was another spike in Google Searches. “Is food delivery safe”, increased by 650% proving that people are ordering, but they are also scared about what implication that may have on them and their families. 

What Does This Mean For My Restaurant?

Having to cut off the patrons who frequent casual dining outlets, bars, and restaurants as a favorite pastime is devastating for restaurant financials. Unlike the inventory of retailers who are making huge strides to boost their e-comm channels as fast as possible, the perishable goods that stock the shelves and refrigerators for the restaurant industry simply won’t last. Delivery services have rapidly become the only means of income to prevent any further loss. 

Right now, Restaurants need to be communicating with their customers and getting on as many listing sites as possible to provide their services. With food delivery giants like Yelp, Uber Eats, Seamless, & GrubHub offering free delivery services, this is the perfect time

Use this time to optimize & claim digital profiles:

As a restaurant owner you need to get your business front and center for your customer. Make sure that your Google Business Profile is up to date with store hours, services, menus, and delivery times. 

Make sure that your phone numbers and/or chat channels are correct and linking to the proper places. This is not the time for your customers to get a “wrong number message” when they call or place an online order that never gets to them. Most businesses are closing early which could leave your customer in a bad place if they wait for an order that never reaches.

One thing you can do to differentiate from your competitors is optimizing your Google My Business profile to help your customers seamlessly order directly from your account.

Update your menus:

Consumers understand that you may not have all of your regular items, but you need to tell them that ahead of time. Don’t wait for something to be wrongly delivered, or for an employee to have to make the “sorry we don’t have that” phone call. 

Making menu updates can be simple using Synup. You can easily update menu items across all of your listings with a push of a button. You can also use our Flow feature to change your menus temporarily during the mandated closures or by time of day if you offer different menus throughout. 

Make your customers feel safe:

Consumers are searching for delivery safety information because allowing foreign items into their home is a risk. Utilize your listings as a platform to tell your customers why they are safe and what you are doing to protect your workers, your delivery drivers, and most importantly, them.

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