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Building relationships with customers are vital for a business’ growth and a sure shot solution is inbound marketing. The need to get closer to the buyer is absolutely essential when you want to sell your product/service effectively to someone. Online marketing has made it easier than ever to target the right audience and market your business right, and all these factors have culminated in the birth of ‘inbound marketing’ – where you can market your product without fighting for the attention of your customers using ads or other outbound methods.

Inbound marketing is an approach that aims to attract customers by creating useful and relevant interactions on online platforms. The inbound strategy uses some pull marketing techniques. These include SEO, social media, and content marketing as the primary elements. It is, however, not limited to the three. The strategy also employs the use of blogs, events, and other customer interaction processes. The bottom line is to attract prospects and boost confidence in your specific brand.

Inbound marketing endeavors to solve the problems experienced by customers through a proactive online presence. In contrast to outbound marketing, this strategy does not necessarily target the client’s attention. It has the sole purpose of creating content that addresses the problems faced by a certain target audience/ the consumers. By so doing, the strategy attracts more customers to the brand or business.

How Inbound Marketing Works


How to Perform Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing is widely practiced in modern day marketing. With inbound marketing, you can build trust, reputation, and authority in your area of practice as stipulated at Marketo. At this point, you will acquire the power to give consumers exactly what they need. You can implement inbound marketing in five easy steps.:

  1. Acquiring the Right Expertise in Marketing and SalesTo succeed, you must first develop a strong knowledge of the basics of marketing and sales. Work harmoniously with your team to develop a smart and spirited online presence. You need to have content creation, market automation, and technological prowess to venture into inbound marketing. Your team must be endowed with technical skills to capture the attention of online customers or clients.
  1. Knowing Your Customers/Clients
Influences on and of Consumer Behavior

Inbound marketing requires an adept strategy in identifying potential clients. You must identify your future customers and work towards fulfilling their needs. Ask yourself how they make their final decisions on the purchase. Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes will help you prepare content that will draw them to your product/service.The buyer’s behavior and characteristics need to be thoroughly evaluated. All consumers have particular frustrations, needs, and goals. Once you have a good strategy that targets your potential customers, the results can quickly go your way. You can use case studies, reviews, and trend reports to come up with a specific plan.

  1. Content CreationThis is the heart of every inbound marketing strategy. You need to come up with original and compelling content to deliver to your target audience. It should be brand specific and should touch on the needs of the buyer. For instance, content on the sale of handsets should be specific to areas that customers have always felt cheated. The sales organization has to be in control to succeed in this vital process.
  1. Develop Market Content AutomationYour system should be felt online at all times. It is, therefore, imperative that you use digital systems that will keep advertising to your clients even when there is no one to do the adverts. The system should monitor a customer’s moves and manage continuous data for future use. Any new trends should equally be registered.
  1. Data Management
Data Governance


Once the process is complete, the task that remains is stabilizing data and ensuring a smooth process throughout the advertisement period. Technical hitches and loss of data could lead to loss of clients. It is, therefore, important to keep the systems in place to maintain the business momentum. To view strong website traffic attraction, you can see several business ideas to get the motivation.

How Inbound Marketing Elements Can Convert Audience into Customers

Buyers in the current generation are empowered. They can receive all information through websites and the internet with ease. Inbound marketing uses three primary forms in pull marketing. They include:

  •    SEO
  •    Social media
  •    Content marketing
  1. SEOSearch engine optimization forms an important aspect of marketing in the inbound strategy. You can use SEO can help you convert your target audience into regular clients by following all the guidelines that are considered legit by the search engines. All you need to do is have a well-designed site online with an effective keyword use. You should optimize the meta title and meta description so that each time users log onto the internet and search for a related product, your website ranks on the top to reach the audience. (Read more about on-site optimization in our local SEO super guide.)You should choose your words carefully by conducting a thorough keyword research.  This includes searching for the most likely questions your target audience is most likely to search for on search engines. You have to be smart enough in creating appropriate content and building links to the most searched words. This would help you to rank on the search queries that are related to your business service/ products, hence it would help in targeting your most relevant audience.
  1. Social mediaAccording to research, most people spend their leisure time on social media platforms. You can, therefore, engage your prospective clients on Twitter, Facebook, or even drop videos in Instagram for their viewing. Use social media with links to blogs that connect people to your online presence. You can share links with interviews on your products on these sites and make viewers understand your product use as shown in Marketing EQ.
  1. Content marketingSharing your content with as many online users as possible will give you an upper hand in attracting customers. You can create videos or even live webinars that can be posted to your website, YouTube, and other relevant platforms. If the content is engaging and convincing, you will be able to convert a digital audience into clients hence grow your enterprise. But remember, writing content is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to have a well-equipped promotion strategy to make sure your content reaches all the right people. (Read more about promoting content here.)

So, that’s inbound marketing for you!

Inbound marketing can be developed to attract the digital generation to your goods and services. All you need to do is to develop appropriate content and then proceed to disseminate it through different channels. The results may be slow but steady and sure.

Let us know how inbound marketing worked for your business or your agency in the comments below.

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