VIII.Content Ideas for IT Services & Repair Firms


1.Updates on Viruses & Malware

The most common problem that every computerized gadget user faces is the issues of Viruses and malware. Viruses access the computer and pose a potential threat to the functioning and data stored in the computer or the gadget, including your personal details, financial credentials like card number, passwords, account details, emails etc. You should provide updated information about the latest viruses and malware actively affecting the computer systems ranging from a personal computer or system network of a big organization today and also provide active counter actions so that your readers and visitors follow those counter methods and keep them safe.


  • Internet Security from online Trojans (Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security for providing latest viruses solutions and keeping the internet’s dirt away from your computer)
  • Most recent version of any licensed product against malware and viruses (Ex. McAfee)
  • Flame Virus (a new type of virus in the online market that hijacks Microsoft’s windows update)

2. Common IT problems and solutions

People wander around all day over the internet trying to find a solution to their day-to-day IT problems ranging from computer login troubles to setting up an automatically scheduled email. Providing solutions and troubleshooting options to the most frequent IT problems will help your readers to stay on your blog for all their daily solution needs. This will help you in generating new traffic as people will get to your blog eventually seeking answers to their problems, and once they find everything they need on your blog, they are more likely to stick around.


  • Frequent Application crashing and unusual behavior of your computer ( 60-80% problems are basically solved only rebooting the PC, however if the problem persists, user can report the problem along with the description of an IT service request forum, i.e. your forum)
  • Pop-up ad problem (usually happens due to accidental installation of adware, Solution: Latest System Utility tools that will clean up everything as they promise)

3. Cyber security

Cyber security industry has been around us since 1990’s. It’s a booming technology that counters the attacks made on networks, devices, online services and applications and the like things. It is important for people to have an updated knowledge on cyber security so that they can keep themselves away from the potential internet and networking threats. So having a blog content on introduction and specification of cyber security is essential for your blog to keep your followers and visitors.


  • Windows Users: Dump Apple Quicktime, huge cybersecurity risk.
  • New flaw found which allows malicious hackers to gain access to your phone.

4. Unique Problems faced & Their Solutions

IT industry is not a limited genre of Information dynamics. It is a vast field of applied researches and studies that provide efficient technological solutions to problems ranging from as simple as login error to unique and high-end problems with networking equipment. Your blog should consist of various case study problems with specific real-life situations and also consist of tackling methods. It will take your blog to a core level of IT services and solutions where visitors will not only find solutions for their basic problems but also find innovative researched troubleshooting methods for severe problems.


  • Object Tracking in Video
  • Building an book cover search (unique solution to book search by a single cover photo, incorporates key point extraction and SIFT descriptor)

Today, people are growing fond of latest technologies and trends. Tech-savvy people aren’t hard to find, instead, they are growing exponentially every day. People following your blog are often looking up for recent developments in technology trend and roam around looking for them to keep themselves updated with the changing course of technology. You need to provide a content that will make them look no further and stick to your blog.


  • Wearable Devices ( The tech market is going to see an increased number of wearable gadgets this year like Smart Helmet, Apple Watch etc.)
  • 3D Printers (3D printing is getting popular day by day making it the most trending technology of the present becoming relevant to Cosmetic and medical industry)

6. Review Software

Software makes everything work in the computer industry. It can be termed as the Soul of a Computer. Without software, they will be no interface between the user and the machine. Reviewing a software in your blog will help people get to know the ins and outs of particular software that is widely used or is new to the market. It will be very helpful to them and provide them an idea whether to use that particular software or look for an alternative.


  • Review the latest Anti-Virus Software (Ex. Quick-heal, its specification, user rating, pros and cons, better alternatives etc.)
  • Review a Graphic Designing Software (Ex. Adobe Photoshop Elements)

7. Review Hardware

Reviewing hardware is as important as reviewing softwares. Technology trends are incomplete without trending hardware. Without a perfect body, no user will be able to exploit any gadget to its full potential. A hardware review in your blog will keep visitors updated with the latest innovations and breakthroughs in the hardware industries.


  • Review a Wireless Adapter (Ex. Cisco Linksys AE1000. Best adapter in the present market with latest specifications like Dual Band frequency, Improved Security attributes etc.)
  • Review a Laptop (Ex. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon)

8. Best Practices

Information Technology is an enormous industry that serves as a backbone to the developing state of the advanced world. Hence like every other industry or a system, IT industry requires proper management and practices too. To thrive in the IT market one should adapt to best Practices for the management of their enterprise. Your blog content about best practices will serve as a guide to your readers and visitors towards the effective ways to keep their IT market in a healthy and flourishing state.


  • Develop subordinate system security plans (To provide appropriate security to the network, facilities, and systems.)
  • Develop, maintain, and update an inventory of major information systems annually.

9. Sustainable Technology

The world around us requires a new level of progress as an ideal attribute to the system and this is achievable only by developing the idea of Sustainable Technology. Sharing a content on Sustainable Technology in your blog will motivate potential readers to develop a perspective to make our planet more sustainable using the benefits of technologies. Research and studies related to the development of sustainable technology are ongoing for a long time now and will see no end in near future too. Remaining updated to these advancements is necessary for your readers.


  • A tower for scrubbing away smog (Beijing recently suffered a lot by the increased pollution and smog. Other regions of the world is not immune to these terrible problems and we need sustainable technologies to combat it).
  • Designing Carbon Catchers (To prevent Global Warming surge and help green revolution).

10. How To’s

How to generally an informal description of ‘how to accomplish a specific task?’ Providing a blog content related to the how to’s of relevant IT problems and tasks will help your reader use your content into their benefits. It will involve the problem-solving approach to frequent IT problems and issues that arise in daily work or even in specific situations. It will provide your readers the comfort of finding solutions to their issues online and attract traffic as well.


  • How to keep my Wi-Fi curbed from frequent disconnections? (Make sure the PC’s wireless card has latest drivers installed, Troubleshoot the issue using windows troubleshooter)
  • How to solve website’s security certificate problem? (Arises due to bad syncing, and incorrect date and time, Fixing date and time will resolve the issue)

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