VII. Content Ideas for Hospitals/Doctors


1. Ethics

Hospitals should discuss their rules, regulations and ethics they follow, to maintain the decorum of the unit. Values like respect for autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, justice, respect for persons, truthfulness and honesty not only tell public how to deal with a particular condition but also provides them useful criteria to for understanding conflicts. Therefore, medical bloggers must use their blog as a forum to educate people and making them aware of their moral rights and duties concerning any medical emergency. Many medical ‘ethical conflicts’ are due to lack of communication, such communicational breakdowns and insurmountable ethics can be solved with open lines of communication, i.e., via internet.


  • How the doctors are playing foul worldwide to make extra money.
  • The rackets and chains involved in hospital businesses

2. TV shows

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you couldn’t have possibly missed the popularity of Tv shows revolving around doctors – House, Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs just to mention a few. Blog posts will be far more interesting if famous medical shows broadcasted on television are mentioned in some manner. For the common people the TV is still a big part of their lives .


  • Mystery Diagnosis, The Incredible Dr. Pol, Dr. G: the medical examiner
  • Medical drama series like House M.D. and Grey’s Anatomy could be stated and quoted on the blogs to make it interesting, engaging and popular among all the age groups.
  • Reality Check : How real is the medical equipment shown on Scrubs ?

3. Medical advancements

Numerous researches and studies are taking place daily in this field. But sources to provide the latest information and facts to the commoners is limited. Thus, a doctor’s blog must act as a stage to spread medical advancements taking place more and more as possible. It is also in news that soon our doctor’s will cure diseases with a cell, not a pill! Putting such information will not only drive the traffic to your blog but will be high in the list of most searched medical blog like, or various hospital blogs like and


  • A virtual dissection table and a test for Parkinson’s with a phone call.
  • Treatment of HIV with lasers: a possibility?

4. Doctor patient relationships

There must be a feature on the concerned blog for patients to post their issues anonymously, then the blogger or public relations online team of the hospital should answer them efficiently taking advices from the specialists. As the patient’s identity in not revealed they could seek remedies for any type of disease without worrying about their privacy. Doctors profiles should be managed by the hospital site effectively and doctors should be given every opportunity to help his patients and to tackle their issues.


  • Hospital can talk about the ethical issues arising from doctor-patient relationships.
  • Being open and free about the problems with the doctors: a guide.

5. Busting medical myths

Anyone could be a member and post on the forum and ask their doubts. Most common being medical myths are either lies or half-truths like; reading in dim-lights causes permanent eye damage fact is they just cause eye strain which subsides after resting; also fingernails and hairs grow after death while truth is as the skin in other areas are drying out, the nails and hair looks more prominent. Loads of other myths should be mentioned, debunked with proper evidence and using simple language making it an easy as well as interesting read for the audience.


  • Using XYZ during summers can save your skin from the UV-rays of the sun
  • Do vitamin C tablets help you avoid the morning gloom?

6. Alternative medicines

Many people are allergic to some chemicals used in drugs for heart, lungs, diabetes, liver, etc. therefore when patients want to consult their issues, doctors should provide them the list of alternative medicines. Lists of generic medicines could also be updated from time to time instead of answering individually this would save time and could be viewed by wider range of audience.


  • Turmeric powder can help you solve digestion issues
  • Aloe Vera leaves help you solve acne problems on your skin

7. Medicine and medical equipments

To make an efficient blog doctors on the blog should review numerous medicines and medical equipments this will thus create a plethora of network in medical field as well as popularity among the common people. Latest medicine and drugs can be listed and could be categorized under disease column then reviewed according to the seriousness of the disease and side-effects they could cause. Equipments could also be reviewed in similar manner; working capacity, efficiency, longevity, price and dependency can serve as important points to be reviewed on.


  • Brand new scalpel allows the doctors to use very little pressure while performing their tasks
  • Theranos produces strips that take blood samples of the users without piercing the skin

8. Health tips

Health tips and natural remedies can be prescribed to patients from time to time. A daily fact about a human body and a rare natural health tip could be stated for readers to go through. Be it weight loss, weight gain, blood sugar control, exercises to be done to increase immunity and strength as small as these issues should be added into the blog posts for an interesting read.


  • Controlling the sugar intake every day can help you achieve that body shape you covet
  • Jogging in the morning can lead to smooth brain activity

9. Ask the doc

An ‘ask the doc’ menu button should be set to always active, where patients and readers could directly consult their or their friends’ problems related to a disease privately. Or there can also be a mailing option where serious and rare disease patients may be able to mail their details and problems that would make to know the patient’s disease better for the doctor.

10. Symptoms and solutions to ongoing flu’s and other diseases

A page or columns for local and/or widespread disease ailments should be included to attract the reader’s and patients from local areas as well as all-over world facing the issue could follow those measures to be disease-free and healthy. Natural treatments for common cold and flu can be prescribed to avoid useless medicine intake.


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