VI. Content Ideas for Gyms


1. Your favorite healthy meal

People are always curious to know about meals and intakes that are healthy and tasty at the same time. You can share your favorite healthy meal with them, maybe include a Youtube video cooking it. People will get motivated as the dish will come under the suggestion of a fitness expert and will also serve them a delicacy.


  • Cinnamon Porridge with banana & berries (promotes a healthy Cholesterol balance and is tasty as well)
  • Thai lean curry ( Burns calories and is enriched with good amount of protein (nearly 45gm/serving))
  • Courgette and Mackerel Salad (Rich in Omega-3 and vitamin A)

2. Your favorite fitness person and why

Motivation works best when it comes from an all time favorite person of yours. People are attracted towards success stories and get inspired from them. It boosts their willpower and the gut to test their limits every day.


  • Kayla Itsines (the creator of Bikini Body Guide and inspirer of countless Total-Body Transformations among women all over the world).
  • Joe Dowdell (Fitness trainer for top celebrities and professional athletes such as Anne Hathaway, Roy Hibbert, Gabriel Miglioli etc.)
  • Jen Comas Keck ( A certified trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine, promotes powerlifting to yoga, and everything in between)

3. Your Favorite Motivational Book

Everyone loves to read and have at least one absolute favorite book which they can relate to or get inspired to. It’s time now for them to add a book in their bunch that could inspire them to have a healthy and fit personality. Share your favorite book that motivated you to be a fitness expert and people will surely look it up.


  • Anti-Diet by The Fit Bottomed Girls (Explains the joy in healthy living and healthy diet)
  • The Body Book by Cameron Diaz (This book doesn’t follow the Hollywood herd but focuses on what biological changes you go through with your food choices and fitness workouts)
  • Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson Ph.D. (a meditation-based approach has been explained in this book to escape from all the daily negativities that one could get caught too)

4. Upcoming training programmes

People love your weekly fitness schedule but an upcoming different and exciting training program can spark their blood rush in the course. You can write a unique fitness program that could make them want to execute or try it as soon as it comes on board.


  • Latest Fitness wearables (FitBit, Microsoft Band 2 and few such fitness wearable devices are something people are growing fond of recently)
  • Trending Adventure and Fitness sports ( like Rock Climbing, bouldering that has been clouding surfing lately)
  • Workout and Nutrition Trends ( recently, Infrared Sauna, dandelion coffee, sound bath have been gaining a lot of attention amongst the fitness seekers)

5. A product that doesn’t work

Often people get suggested about what’s good to eat and what good product can one use for supplementing health benefits, but it is equally important to make them aware of a ‘Don’t buy’ product.


  • Toning Shoes (this Sketcher product has unstable, curved soles causing inconvenience, a big flop)
  • Power balance ($30 priced item that claims to improve flexibility, strength but recent studies suggested, it’s no better than any ordinary bracelet)
  • Big Wheel Skates (In-Line skates on Venice beach, prone to frequent trips falls and total embarrassment)

6. Write about health myths

Knowing a myth is as important as knowing a fact. People are prone to give attention to myths and end up believing them with the lack of any counter-explanation. So being a fitness Professional it is your job to keep them updated with the rumors and myths falsifications.


  • Myth: Crunches are the key to flat abs ( Fact: They might be the most iconic abs exercise but it has to be combined with planks and bridges, alone they won’t burn your fat – Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., professor of exercise science at Quincy College)
  • Myth: Running is bad for your knees ( Fact: A Stanford University study found that older runners’ knees were no less healthy than those of people who don’t run)

7. Workout Routine Videos

Putting up workout videos of your clients can share their enthusiasm and devotion of the trainers. People will love to see the performance of your clients, the provided workout strategies and can make an estimate of your fitness center’s potential. A good workout session video will be a traffic magnet for you fitness blog and will bring you more interested candidates.


  • Know what is John Smith’s secret of faster triceps development (showing samples of specific set of workout for faster deployment of triceps)
  • Workout video: Best abs exercises

8. Run contests on your blog

Running a contest on your blog could be the best thing to do for promoting your fitness business. People get to indulge in fun and yet competitive contests easily. If they are already members of your gym or they are just your blog follower, the contest will act as a binding force between your fitness center and the people. They will find it cool and unique way to know your work.


  • Take a contest for making a ‘maximum Push-ups in 2 minutes’ Video
  • Contest: Design the Ripping Abs T-Shirt
  • A Fitness Quiz

9. Write an FAQ post about your business/services

An FAQ post will help people get in touch with you with all their queries and concerns directly. It is useful in keeping them updated with the latest programmes, services or products. It will help you get them convinced that joining your firm will be the best decision they will take to support their healthy well-being. Trust and bond will increase through this means of Q-A communication.


  • FAQ header as ‘How to avail our membership?’ (This Q-A session will help people know the requirements and parameters for taking your membership in an easy way)
  • FAQ header as ‘Latest fitness health supplements in market’
  • FAQ header as ‘ Upcoming fitness events and programmes’

10. People and Progress

Your business becomes more authentic in terms of trust when you present the transformation and positive progress videos or stories of your clients to people. They will be impressed and their trust factor will take your favour as they see the transformational videos and confessions of your clients in their own words. They will share their experience and tell about how they started and how much progress they made till then.


  • Transformational Video of our client Paul (Lost 20 kgs in 2 months)
  • Amazing 10 weeks transformation ( Big fat to 6 pack abs in 10 weeks)

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