V. Content Ideas for Bars


1. Share your cocktail recipes

A great way to promote both your drinks and your place is to share you cocktail recipes. This way you can even get common opinion on your drinks. While people are at your bar probably get too drunk to share their opinions on the drinks, if you share your recipes online they’ll feel compelled to comment and share.

Here’s a great blog full of cocktail recipes – Bottlebar

2. Stories from the Bartender

If you have a bar, you must have a bartender and every bartender has his share of stories. If your bartender declines to share his stories(which not surprise me) ; you can just make up some of your own. Its all about creativity and generating intrigue.

No examples for this one (I’m not sharing mine either :P)

3. Your Favorite bars

While it may seem counter-productive at first glance to talk about other bars, it can actually be quite useful. You can compare yourself against other bars, yes thats one thing but thats not all. You can talk about your favorite bars in other countries, other cities and even bars in the same town/city that cater to a different crowd segment.

If you are talking about the other bars, it points good light towards you as an authority on bars. So, leverage that implied authority!


  • Best bars in California that are not [XYZ bar]
  • Top sushi bars in Los Angeles (Why not a little wordplay? 🙂 )

4. Music Discovery

If you’re not already focusing on the music you play at your bar, here’s a tip “Start now!”. Music is a huge part of your bar’s persona; ignore it at your own peril. Coming to the blog and content – you can write about the of music you are playing at the bar, about how you discovered the music, your favorite artists and other music related things.


  • Weekly playlist of the bar
  • Lennon inspired drink “Let it go!”

5. Bar Tools & Tech

Did u get that new beer dispenser and cocktail shaker ? Those cool new glasses? Have you upgraded your tech recently? There so many things that make up a bar. Talk about those tools and things that make up you bar and give it, its identity.


  • New bottomless glasses – As seen in your alcohol induced dreams
  • Our new Irish brewer and his new brewing kit

6. Promote Local Bands & Other Acts

If you’re not already having some bands and other acts playing at the bar. It’s about time you got on the bandwagon. Also, these guys will love you if you promote them via your content and social media. You’ll also find yourself connecting with their following, so its a win-win for both parties.


  • New alt-band, Jabberwocky bring down the house!
  • Stand-up Sundays : Laughter unlimited.

7. Party Ideas

Yes, share them crazy party themes and ideas with your readers and patrons and they’ll love you for it.


  • A Night At El Morocco
  • Mad Scientist themed Party
  • Stache Bash

More here: http://stylecaster.com/101-theme-party-ideas/

8. Based on Bar’s theme

Do you have a pirate themed bar? Or is an old colonial bar ? Sports bar? Space bar ?  Adopt your bar’s persona and blog as if you were a pirate.


  • How to read a pirate treasure map.
  • Why Djokovic is better than Federer was in his prime.
  • Best space movies ever made.

9. Bar jokes

A joke a day on twitter and other social media would do really well for a bar. Its easy to find jokes and its takes but a minute to share it. You’ll find a lot

An amnesiac walks into a bar. He goes up to a beautiful blonde and says, “So, do I come here often?”

10. Share Hangover Remedies

The one thing most of your patrons ought to have is a hangover and its your duty to help them out with that. (So that they can head back afterwards)


  • 5 ways to cure a Nasty Hangover
  • Natural remedies to cure a Hangover

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