IV. Content Ideas for Law Firms


1. General Law FAQ’s

Questions and answers are probably the best way to establish a relation between two strangers. Readers or visitors are always going to have queries regarding judicial or related to legal matters. In today’s world, Legality is something that is considered as a default setting and nobody should mess with it. For this, there has to be proper awareness about various legalities among the people. Providing a General FAQ to your visitors on the blog will help them get in touch with you and clear their head with suitable and satisfactory answers. It will strengthen their bond with your blog and they will always come around in case they need any consulting.


  • Why choose a Law Firm?
  • What type of cases does your Law Firm handle?
  • Is there a charge for the initial conference made by the client?

2. The Business of Law

The business of Law is much more than fancy suit battles in court.The legal profession has been accelerating at an unprecedented rate over the past few years, obviously because of the market uprising and force. Talk about the adaptation of new normal methods of handling Client-Lawyer relationship and how this growth does affects it. Show the people that your firm is well up in the race in this varying scenario, gives value-added-services and offer latest yet effective client services that help build a good client-lawyer relationship.


  • Navigating Complex Transactions. (Deals with transactions in complicated and evolving areas of law, such as security regulation or internet commerce)
  • Hiring Legal Counsel (Attorneys are available to assist you with everything from buying/selling agreements to mergers, schedule a consultation with a business law firm)

3. Prediction posts

Predicting the legal trends and practices to be followed in coming days, portrays you as a current expert. Readers are bound to read prediction posts, as they are often keen to move along the river of updates and have prior knowledge and idea about how a few things are going to take a turn in the future. It might benefit them in keeping precautions or active in taking the act when the time comes. Sharing predictions with your readers or visitors will strengthen their faith in you and your firm will be at the top of their head when they will need to lawyer up.


  • The rise of the review sites. (Google, Facebook, Personal injury.com, Avvo are going to serve as a platform for reviewing lawyers and the law firms in future)
  • Social Proofs are going to be necessary to generate leads in the future.
  • Cyber security industry is going to be huge in the future.

4. Take a stance on a controversial public issue

Public controversies are endless these days and the issues not only create a buzz but also presents the opinion of various dignitaries and high-profile personalities for which people are often curious. Taking a stance and discussing you opinion on controversial public issues will increase your bond with the people who have the same thoughts on the matter. Presenting your honest and logical opinion on a trending controversial public issue will make readers follow your footprints and to be in touch with your blog to keep themselves update with the perspectives of yours which they can relate theirs too.


  • Dissatisfaction with the government (Presenting your view would clarify the ins and outs; your logical analysis will make reader’s mind clear with the false and clouded perceptions built-in by misunderstanding or rumors about the government: good or bad)
  • Should people on the No-Fly list be banned from buying guns and ammunition?

5. Push for Change

Sharing contents on your law firm blog about changing a few orthodox or traditional law practices. Ranging from political change to change in transportation law, every piece of improvisation suggestions posted by you will make a positive impacts upon the readers mind and will portray you as a bold and solid law firm, who believes in positive changes in law practices for the common good. The motivation for adopting efficient law practices will directly help the common people and they will realize this along with your good wish for them.


  • Decriminalize marijuana (A person doesn’t need to rot in jail with thieves and murderers just for getting high)
  • Limit the cost of pharmaceutical drugs (Suitable laws are needed for this so that medicines are affordable to all)
  • Removing old laws that prohibit the sale of alcohol on Sundays (Totally Useless)

6. Debunk common Myths

People often are caught under the shades of rumors and myths in the legal sector. This makes them vulnerable to getting cheated or taken advantage off by witty lawyers. You can debunk a few myths and enlighten your readers with appropriate facts that falsify those myths. Clearing your reader’s head with the straight facts will help you getting their trust and will increase your reliability and will keep you in the mainstream of a good lawyer in eyes of your reader. People are always looking to hire or consult a genuine lawyer or law firm that is efficient in walking the client through in any situation legal affair that they don’t understand very well.


  • Myth: The father’s name must be on the birth certificate (Fact: Not necessarily, depends on the marital status of the mother at the time of birth).
  • Myth: Whoever files the case for custody first gets what he/she is asking for (Fact: Judge will decide who will get custody on the basis of child’s interest.)

7. Pro Bono work

Misfortune or ill fate isn’t bias on the basis of the financial strength of a human being. The poor, the rich, almost everyone has the same probability of getting into a legal matter. However, it’s the poor who lacks the resources to hire up a lawyer or consult a law firm and perishes. Pro Bono Work means “for the public good” and is generally free services given by professional in their corresponding field. Using your potential knowledge, experience and efforts for helping the marginalized community like the kids, elderlies, a poor community who often lack access to justice will boost up your professional image and will take you a step closer to the heart of public and it also feels good.


  • Providing service to a low-income family free of charge
  • Develop agenda for Haiti’s new government (Famous lawyer McKinsey recently did pro bono work in Haiti after the earthquake hit the nation)

We don’t judge a book by its cover, but by the content inside it is what matters. Your blog should have effective content in order to receive audiences’ attentions as no one will like to be around your blog if it doesn’t serve them any benefit or value. Your content should be derived from the expertise and the more efficient it is, the more popular and prolific your blog will be. Creating an avenue for fresh expert legal content will show the people, your Law Firm’s sheer potential, and capabilities distinguishing you from the rookies.


  • Expert Witnesses: Research on various categories of expert witnesses
  • [The absence of a second example should tell you how much of a non-expert I am on law]

Legal Advice is important. It’s no no brainer to understand the consequences of immature legal steps. People today are compelled by their subtle conscience to have strong and expert legal handlings for common disputes, which they fall in every often. They wander around for hiring good lawyers and legal advisors to mend their disputes. Providing Legal tips and suggestions for the common dispute genre is definitely going to attract crowd as it is one the most basic and preliminary handlings required for having a healthy and legally stable lifestyle.


  • Property Dispute. (Often occurs in a family, providing simple and efficient solution to this problem indicating the settlement options and ways in which it can be carried on)
  • Problems with neighbors or encroachment. (Establishing boundaries, fences and walls, amenities shared; providing course of actions that would be most suitable in each case)

10. Process

Not a majority of people are clear about their legal rights and law that their country follows. The law can be a scary mess up for them and people often avoid the hassle of understanding them and demand transparency and accountability instead to see through it. Providing a step by step disintegrated information about the processes will make you clients and understand the concept comfortably. Write about the what your firm is doing regarding the innovative approach for providing liability to the clients and throw an idea of being ‘Simple, Transparent and Effective’. It will be a traffic magnet for your blog.


  • Landing your firm on App and Social Networking platform (Adapting the latest internet technologies will help your firm bridge the gap for communication issue between your firm and the client)
  • Provide Innovation contents on Legal deliveries to your client ( Adopting Deliberate Practice which is much more than Practice)

PS: Here’s a really funny law blog I encountered on my research, that I had to share : http://loweringthebar.net/

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