III. Content Ideas for Hotels


1. Happening Events in Town

If something interesting is happening in the vicinity of your hotel, writing about it highly increases your chances of getting guests who will be visiting the event. Write an interesting post about the event and share it on twitter and other social media with the right hashtags and you’re on your way.


  • Marketing Tradeshow coming to town : What to look out for?
  • Annual Music Festival happening in ..

2. Local History/Culture

As you are running a hotel in the area, it can be assumed that you already hold some authority on local subjects. But writing about these subjects will also give you additional authority and an influx of readers and potential customers.


  • How the farmers of Lalaland celebrate the crop festival.
  • An un-ending legacy of Lalaland: The majestic “Legobuild ” building!
  • A sight to behold: Lalaland in the rains.

3. Local Attractions

While there may already be a list of attraction on several blogs and Google’s pretty much got every attraction everywhere covered. That still shouldn’t stop you from investing some time in compiling your own list and giving it your own flavor. You could make seasonal lists and promote less popular seasons and the potentially attract more customers during slow seasons as well.


  • 5 places in Lalaland you didn’t know about.
  • 4 delights of Lalaland only experienced during winters.

4. Famous guests

Hotels are already known to pamper celebrity guests. You can take that online too; post a couple of pictures, maybe a testimonial along with the pictures. Sometimes even a blog post can be dedicated to a famous visitor. Tap into the popularity of your famous guests both for the content and sharing that content to a wide audience.

5. Interesting Incidents

Hotels are happening places. There has often been commotion and  great hullabaloo in my experience and while most hotels would try to hide it. I urge you to embrace all of the eccentricities, write about them, surely some of them make for great bar-tales. Those same stories make great blog ideas.


  • Bachelor parties, weddings, Theme’d parties.
  • Crazy lost and found items.
  • Eccentric visitors who caused havoc.

6. Local Travel Tips

There’s a plethora of travel tips out there. So, why write them again ? Well why not ? For one thing – you can tailor the tips according to the destination and cover things that other general travel tips would not cover.


  • Things to Carry on your trip to (Your Hotel Destination)
  • Secret ways to save money while visiting (Your Hotel Destination)
  • Mistakes People Make When Visiting (Your Hotel Destination )
  • Plan Your Entire Trip To (Your Hotel Destination)

7. Your hotel identity

Luxury hotel? Family friendly? Youngster friendly? Business hotel?  What’s your hotel’s identity? Craft blog posts around that identity. A luxury hotel can post about luxury and vintage items. A family hotel can give safety tips. A business hotel can talk about the various booming businesses in the area.


  • Comparing 1st class facilities across airlines.
  • How to save money while traveling when family.

8. Photos & Quotes

Most hotels have a testimonial book but it just lies there gathering dust. Instead, ask your guests to share a few of their holiday photos along with the testimonials. Mix and match these testimonials and photos and share them on social media. You can use simple tools like canva to create images with texts easily.

9. Top Restaurants and Bars in town

All your visitors would want to know about the best places to eat and drink in town. Often you’d have guests asking you as well; so its a brilliant idea to keep a list ready. You can redirect guests to your ready list and ask them to share it. That way you’ll get a lot more traction on your blog.


  • Date places in town
  • Family restaurants in town
  • Places to guzzle

10. Hotel’s History (and/or Future)

If your hotel has a long history thats great fodder for blogs. Write about yourself, even if you don’t have a long history you can always write about the future. Things you can write about can range from new facilities, to changes in management or staff, updates in policies, change agents etc.


  • Say hello to the new Olympic size swimming pool.
  • A quick look in into HotelXYZ’s history.
  • How new manager John Smith is bring about change.


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