X. Content Ideas for Accountants


1. Creative Accounting:

When we talk about accounting practices, one always thinks of the letters of the rule of Standards Accounting Practices. Accounting involves characterizing income, assets, liabilities alike things and to provide a safe guideline to practice these attributes, standard guidelines are issued for accounting. Creative accounting differs from regular accounting in terms of approach. Creative accounting  is often considered as “Cooking the books” which emphasizes on following standard rules but deviates from the spirit of those rules. Sharing a creative accounting post will enable your reader to know how one can exploit the loopholes in Standard processes and can innovate for better end results, but one should not exploit this approach in wrong ways or it could turn out to be a scandal. Be creative, be honest.


  • How to better Manage your Earnings.
  • How we shaved off $50,000 of a client’s tax money.

2. Accounting is Fun:

The majority of people think that accounting is boring.  Managing books, sorting out papers, bill, keeping track of cash flow, income, assets these all are assumed to be dull works in the Accounting job. However, it is not the case, but rather depends on one’s perspective. Sharing some fun ideas about accounting in your blog post will not only attract new traffic but also make people aware of the bright and cool side of the accounting profession.


  • How we found all the pieces of XYZ accounting puzzle.(Challenging your mind and solving problems is fun)
  • Helping people save on taxes is fun.

3. Quickbooks Tips for the Uninitiated:

Understanding the basic concept and approaches in accounting is essential for everyone. Your blog should keep readers (especially beginners) motivated towards accounting. Quick basic tips from your blog will help them with their initiation and will also keep them on the hook at the same time.

Quickbooks is the most widely used accounting software out there and a couple of posts now and then explaining its usage and features would go a long way in boosting blog traffic from non-users or new users, who also happen to be potential customers.


  • Accounting methods for X business. (Tips and methods in accounting to use in a particular business).
  • A beginner’s guide to Quickbooks.

4. Tax Saving/Filing Tips:

Who doesn’t want to save tax? Probably everyone wants to save themselves from getting burdened with heavy taxes after all the hard work they do to earn money. Sharing the tax saving and filing tips will help your blog visitors to save their valuable money and get a tax refund by adopting suggested approaches and in turn, your reliability graph will increase as serving your followers should come first as an aim of your blog.


  • Maximize your IRA contribution (Traditional IRA contributions deduct taxable income)
  • Investment in-house property (Saves capital taxes)

5. Fraud Spotting:

In an organization, the occupational fraud is most likely to originate from the accounting department. Perhaps everyone knows this but what only a few people know is how to spot frauds and how to curb those wrongdoings in a business. Sharing tips on fraud spotting will benefit readers as they could implement those tips and guidelines of spotting fraud and save their business from getting blacklisted or going bankrupt.


  • Run Credit Checks (often employees make up a bogus client account, approves it and start supplying to a non-existent consumer)
  • Keep separate records. (Purchasing and accounting records should be maintained separately as mixing them will make your data haywire and your employee could exploit that loophole)

6. Cautionary tales:

Providing examples of various misuses and wrongdoings in accounting profession will improve the social perceptions of accounting outlaws. It is important for everyone to be aware of wrong accounting practices so that one could save him/her from being a victim of such mentality and false approach because there is no light at the end of this tunnel. This will show your firm’s honesty and loyalty to the profession and will tend to support you with overwhelming responses and appreciations.


  • The tale of Enron Scandal.
  • The tale of Tesco’s Accounting Scandal.

7. Breaking Down Complex Governmental Form:

For a better understanding of how a process is executed, one should first understand the process initials. People often find government accounting standards to be complicated and hard to follow. Deploying a post on explaining the various accounting methods used by public sector entities will help to develop a better understanding of these practices and their intended goals.


  • Explaining Budgets and Encumbrances.
  • Overview of approaches used in compiling financial reports. (Government GAAP hierarchy, Fund structure, Internal Control Structure)

8. Breakdown Taxes for a Freelancer:

The number of freelancers out there is on a steady incline. Tax methods and rules are often complicated and numerous for a freelancer. So for a freelancer to handle the tax filings all by oneself, they should be aware of considerations to be kept in mind while preparing returns. A simple guide to handling tax accounting will be beneficial for the freelance readers or visitors on your Blog as they will be able to tackle these complex issues by themselves without sweating a lot.


  • Prepare the basic approach for your reader to work as a self-employed aka freelancer. (Explaining deductions and ways to achieve deductions like home setup deductions, office equipment serves as deductions etc.)
  • Explain about the considerations. (Nomenclature, quarterly taxes, timings etc.)

9. Practice and Ethics:

Understanding Ethics of accounting is like being prepared to serve accounting profession with loyalty, which is a good sign for a flourishing growth of an individual, with no spots on the collar. Teaching ethical sense of accounting to the readers through a dedicated post will reveal your concerns and seriousness towards accounting profession and will result in your owns and firm’s growth. It will be mixed proportions of business ethics and human ethics that could serve the accounting field with generous development.


  • Making people understand the role of ethics in accounting. (Reveal safe and standard practices of approach towards any accounting task)
  • Sharing Experts advice on ethical accounting (Gaffikin, M (2008), Accounting theory: Research, Regulation and Accounting practices) 

10. Tax Technology:

Merging technology with any system or work makes it easier to accomplish the task and also improves its efficiency, (Less input, more output). It may sound like a no-brainer, but still penetration of technology in tax culture is still not to the core. Increasing tax technology awareness will boost the tax handling among people and motivate them to perform efficient tax data management, staffing and support planning. It will also put your firm’s image as innovative and adaptive to changing course of accounting methods.


  • Tax Series BEPS software solutions (Provides expert guidance for increased efficiency and output)
  • Data integration and ERP. (It reduces the tax data load process and related errors).
  • Document Management (Improves staff efficiency and decreases collection and manipulation efforts).



If you happen to use these ideas, or even otherwise let us know how your blog is doing. Do leave us a comment and share the article. If we’ve missed out on your business category let us know. We plan to do a part II soon, for 10 more businesses so let us know what businesses you’d like us to focus on.



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