IX. Content Ideas for Auto Repairs


Whether it is the thrilling red Ferrari GTO or it is the Luxurious Mercedes Limousine or a family loved Ford Fiesta, a car is almost everyone’s’ favorite when it comes to having a drive with comfort and standard. More than a billion people are exploiting this revolutionary invention and the car industry has been growing exponentially for decades. Nowadays, the car is not just a means of transportation but has touched human lives in various dimensions. Here are some cool ideas to boost some horsepower of your auto repair blog:

1. Cars!

Even if you are a mechanic or car enthusiast there are still a lot of tricks, tactics, and hacks to learn always. Many of the automotive repair professionals, repair shop owners, and car lovers have taken their automobile interest to an advanced level by sharing their experiences, advice, useful information, expertise and stories on their blogs for the public reading. Sharing posts about cars will attract car lovers, people who wish to buy a brand new car, or the car geeks who don’t want to lag behind in their car knowledge update.


  • Top 10 cars of the year. (Share features of top 10 trending cars in the market for the year, and this will, in turn, make your blog trending)
  • Lexus RX vs. Chevrolet Impala. (Every car has its own fan following, people love to watch comparison battle)

2. Parts & Accessories:

Paying attention to the engine and optimal working of the internals is necessary but a car is complete only with good accessories studded within it. Dedicate posts to rate, review and discuss the features of the tip-top engines as well as dedicated accessories and parts is equally important. Sharing trending accessories like Speakers, latest Music System to boom up your car, Smart gadgets like Bluetooth enabled phone holders, exhausts and NOS for customized cars etc. will be a perfect fit for your blog.


  • The Parrot Minikit Smart. (A smart Bluetooth phone holder, currently trending a lot in the market)
  • Garmin Head-Up Display (HUD). (A trending windshield projector mounted on the dashboard; makes it a cool and must buy accessory)

3. Car care and maintenance

Owning a car is not enough. It will take maintenance and care to give longevity and stunning looks to your favorite ride for a long period of time. Sharing latest equipment and trending methods for car maintenance will make your blog receive a decent amount of traffic as those who look for a car, later comes looking for maintenance too.


  • Best windshield and car windows glasses.
  • Speedwav Car maintenance kit (Describe the specifications and contained items along with price)

4. Safety

Not everyone is concerned with only the horsepower, exhaust, top speed and cool looks, but people are also concerned about safety standards when they go to buy a car. So if you are a car dealer, then you have got to guarantee your customers via your blog that they and their family will be safe with these shared posts. Car theft alarms, immobilizers, tires and good quality glasses must be installed for the person’s safety and people should know about them through your blog, which in turn will feed you orders and business.


  • Fog lights. (Description indicating their importance and where to find them best and in budget)
  • Fab n Funky Kidster baby seat belts. (Share the price and safety features of this seat belt for babies)
  • Anti-Theft and alarms. (Share latest and trending Anti-Theft systems of top brands)

5. Car and accessories deals:

Publish about car accessories and the similar on your blog and mention if on any site or dealer have them on fair prices or discounts. This will attract the audience without any doubt and increase traffic fairly.


  • Toyota or Scion parts and accessories at lower prices? (Share the latest branded yet affordable items with the curious traffic)
  • Discounts opportunities. (Saving your customers money will lend you more business and will customer’s confidence in result).

6. Car insurance

Compare car insurance policies online by top insurance companies and guide your customers by giving them smart buying tips for their car insurance. Be an authoritative source of information and tell them smallest of the add-ons available for additional coverage or better if this would turn out useful to your own business.


  • Compare different car insurances. (Help your readers choose what insurance investment is best for them and gain their confidence in you)
  • Avoid false declarations about car insurances. (This will build their trust in you and will make you look sincere and loyal to your field)

7. Toys and technology

When people talk about toys and technologies in a car, they mean jaw-dropping music systems, cool bass speakers, advanced navigation system, In-built LCDs, etc. to make an ordinary car, extraordinary. After all, this is what everyone want’s, that their car to be unique and one in all. So provide them what they want through trending car technology and gadget updates to add magnetism to your blog.


  • Pioneer MVH-AV179 (Let your reader know about this amazing music system that will make their cars give an extraordinary vibe)
  • Alria Universal 4.3 Digital TFT Screen (For reverse parking, Camera DVD with dual audio input, makes it a must have gadget)

8. Cool car facts:

You don’t just want to post serious content as there must be some room for entertainment for every age. Like stating cool facts about cars, their evolution, history, culture, foreign companies, famous car manufacturing companies, car brands, popular mechanics, designers, stories concerning particular auto company, brand or region is always considered cool.


  • Supercar! (The ford GT is so strong that during the “roof crush” test, it broke the crushing machine)
  • Marketing facts in Malaysia car business. (If a car in Malaysia is too successful competitors can have that car’s price raised!)

9. Quizzes and surveys:

Browse through different cars and vehicles, collect information and post quiz for adding an awesome touch to your blog. It could be fun, informative or personality checker; this would instill interests of the readers and customers.


  • ‘What is your dream car?’ (Take this quiz and find out how much do your readers really know about their dream cars?)
  • How is the new Porches 718 Boxter Model? (Organize a survey to get original and honest reviews from the owners or user of this particular model. This will help other customers ample of reasons to buy or discard it)

10. Reviews:

Do surveys and collect reviews about numerous vehicles from car owners, manufacturers, automotive repair professionals and dealers then combine them as your collective research you did and publish your opinion as well as mentioning theirs too. This will not only increase transparency but also the confidence of your customers towards you.


  • Volkswagen Series 2016: Review (Publish all the high as well as least reviewed cars this company created chronologically).
  • What’s your review for BMW I8? (Enable feature for everyone to post freely and state their reviews

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