Over the past 6 years, customers and prospects have been increasingly turning to digital profiles and search engines for answers about their favorite brands. The COVID-lockdown pushed more people towards online purchasing and e-commerce, making it even more important for brands to have a strong online brand presence now if they wish to get discovered.

Digital brand profiles such as Yelp (Learn about yelp rating system) and Google attract almost 5 times as much traffic as a brand’s website; with visitors looking for a variety of information such as the types of service a brand offers, their locations, and how they are reviewed by previous customers as well. Especially when it comes to reviews, over 88% of survey respondents said they trust Yelp reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

88% of survey respondents trust Yelp reviews as much as personal recommendations

Synup has always focused on making it easier for brands to attract larger audiences by managing their online presence and reputation from one place. With our platform’s Presence, Content, and Reputation management capabilities, brands have been able to unify their marketing efforts into one place, drive campaigns to discover prospects in new segments, and attract customers across an entire digital landscape, including but not limited to Google, Facebook, FourSquare, Siri, Apple Maps, Waze and other popular digital and voice channels.

As part of our journey to enhance our product’s capabilities and build a platform for businesses that want to scale, we are happy to announce that we are continuing our extensive partnership with Yelp that makes it easier for us to deliver more value to our customers.

As part of this partnership, we are introducing two new Yelp add-ons for Synup.

Introducing the new Yelp add-ons

Starting March 25th, new customers will have the option of purchasing either the Yelp Lite or the Yelp Pro add-on. These add-ons will enable Synup customers to use the same Presence, Content, and Reputation management capabilities to handle their Yelp profiles right alongside 40+ other digital profile sites that they have been managing through their holistic dashboard.

By managing Yelp from Synup, businesses will have three main benefits:

  • An increased share-of-voice:
    Well-optimized Yelp profiles appear in the top 10 search results for over 60% of the time. Yelp also has downstream data partnerships with Alexa, Siri, Yahoo, and Apple Maps which ensures that businesses with a robust Yelp presence also have the opportunity to reach out to customers across all those touchpoints. By unifying the management of multiple listings across websites into one place with Synup, businesses can attain greater reach in the market and seize a larger share-of-voice in a crowded search space with a considerably smaller investment of effort.
  • Capability to build and influence online reputation:
    Yelp reviews, as mentioned earlier, are considered as good as personal recommendations by 88% of survey respondents. Businesses that do not engage with the reviews they get or do not respond to good or bad reviews are generally viewed as being less reliable or customer-friendly. A Harvard Business School study found that a reputation change of 1-star on Yelp could influence as much as 5.4% of revenue for non-chain restaurants. In this era of online orders and no-touch delivery, it is critical that businesses build and maintain their online reputation and Synup’s Reputation management system enables them to stay updated about their customer’s sentiments and respond to their customers accordingly.
  • Deliver customers accurate and reliable information
    Having multiple touchpoints, a dozen different partner websites, and several locations to manage can quickly make the brand marketer or digital marketer’s job very difficult and impossible to scale. Information may not be in sync or missing altogether across locations and listings. Our “State of Financial Services through Digital Profiles” report found that over 71% of customers find information inaccurate on profiles related to Financial Services businesses leading to a lot of missed opportunities and customers for the business. And that is just the financial services industry.With Synup’s ability to unify profile and reputation management, businesses can deliver a cohesive, uniform brand experience to their customers and prospects across all touchpoints with minimal effort that requires no juggling of tools, or logins, or user roles.

That’s why we built the Yelp add-ons for Synup. Here’s what you can expect from the add-ons at launch:

Yelp Lite:

  • Available for SMBs with less than 10 locations
  • Enables businesses to upload and manage business details such as business name, description, operating hours, locations, cover, and product images.
  • Businesses can also access Yelp profile performance analytics within Synup with clear insights as to the number of profile views, direction requests and call requests their Yelp profile has generated.

Yelp Pro:

  • Available for Enterprise businesses with 10 locations or more
  • Everything in Yelp Lite, plus
  • The ability to view reviews coming into their Yelp profiles, and respond to them

Our partnership with Yelp makes it possible for us to provide businesses a reliable, and easy way to manage all of their listings and digital profiles from just one platform. It will also enable us to evolve these add-ons as we move forward and scale our product according to customer needs.

Want to try Synup or check out the new Yelp add-on? Fill out this demo form today and we’ll be in touch with you.

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