II. Content Ideas for Web Design / Development firms


1. Cool Tools

So, you’re a web design/dev firm. Hence, you must be using a bunch of cool tools – software, hardware and maybe even hard-wear, if you know what I mean. You’re target market is everyone who uses the internet so that’s 46% of he world and all of them want to read about the latest and best in the world of tech.


  • Apple’s latest gizmo!
  • The app that will change the way you live.
  • How we built a Gaming Rig to Die for!

2. Office Swag

It’s highly likely that you have, either have a funky office with a mini-fridge with beer in it or you have a box full of people and machines, with posters on every wall with little breathe. Either way show off your office swag, your office is a big part of your company’s identity. Its your place of work and worship. Hence, it ranks high on being an identifier for your style. You can show off the people in your office, the tools they use, the food you eat and all the fun you have too.


  • Say hello to our new foosball table!
  • The office wars Part II: Who get’s the window seat ?

3. Quirky ideas

Are you working on some side-projects? Some cool hack or app. That’s once more great fodder for content. While fun or side projects may not always be beneficial financially to your business, its a great attraction tool.


  • How we automated our office coffee machine to work via slack commands.
  • Setting up Chromecast via our local NAS.

4. DIY tutorials

As a web design and development firm, there’s a lot of DIY – Do it yourself tutorials that you can offer readers.


  • Build your own blog using wordpress
  • Set-up a simple e-commerce store using Shopify
  • Create a simple infographic

5. Star Projects

You may have many projects but every once in a while comes along a project thats unique. The uniqueness of the said project could be attributed a unique design, a cool app, the vastness of the project,a new programming language used, the speed of completion and any number of such things. These star projects are great fodder for quality content pieces. These content pieces could range of things from a case study to a product demo.


  • Try this fun game we built as an easter egg!
  • Delve into the richness of this all css design.

6. Star Clients

Just like star projects, you will get a few clients thats stand out. Make sure to showcase these clients, and don’t always choose the biggest clients; sure the logos of your biggest clients can come on your homepage but for great content pick the clients who’s work you like doing the most. They might be smaller clients who have built better relationships or given clearer instructions, demanded lesser revisions or noticed problematic areas sooner.


  • Who needs us anyway? If Jenny[ from Star agencies ] keeps fixing all the css browser incompatibilities.
  • How we finished a 6 month project in 5 thanks to Super Clients!

7. Star Competitors

Yes, talk about the competition. It shows maturity and awareness. Look out for the best works of your competition – review them, comment on them. Be genuine and be honest, if the work is good commend it and if its bad, point out whats going wrong without being derogatory.


  • Our friends at SpaceX just launched a new rocketApp : A closer look.
  • How AgencyXYZ could have improved load times on prodXYZ: Demo & Code Inside.

8. Your favorite things – food/ movies/ cartoons ..

A blog is intended to show the world what you are all about so hold back. Ask members of your team to write about their favorite things, hobbies, accomplishments etc.

Examples :

  • Why Deadpool is the coolest Superhero ever?
  • Steve vs Mark: Who will be the king of wings?
  • Linda, our in-house illustrator, gives a talk on design at Tedx !

9. Your favorite websites

The world wide web is a humongous place and true to its name, it is a web or maze of all things. Picking out the best of the lot is your responsibility. This gives you a nice opportunity to create simple list type posts.


  • Top 10 design blogs.
  • Our top websites of the month.
  • Top 10 tutorials on javascript.

10. Collaborative Projects

Are you collaborating with other designers and developers on certain projects? Be sure to write about that. Collaborative projects bring out a whole host of new ideas and its a much bigger challenge to work across teams, beyond your own in-house teams. It requires a more advanced skill-set, if I may say.


  • An experiential journey : Working with Nike’s product design team.
  • Complexities of working with remote teams across timezones.

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